27 September 2013

Fall is arriving at both the Illinois and Arizona clubhouses, and autumn colors can be seen around the Kempton area. It has become noticeably cooler around the Arizona clubhouse, with warm days and cool nights in the mountainous, high desert surrounds.

Jennifer and I just returned from a nearly month-long trip to Thailand and Myanmar. We flew via Tokyo to Bangkok and secured our visas to Myanamar (“The Golden Land” in the local language, formerly called Burma, after the largest ethnic group in the south of the country).

Myanamar The Golden Land

We then flew to the capital, Yangon (formerly Rangoon). During our three week sojourn to the country, we traveled by plane, boat, truck, bus, bicycle—and even electric bike—through the various ruins, towns and countryside. People were very friendly and genuinely glad to see tourists after years of relative isolation from the world. The many pagodas of Bagan and the “gravity defying” Golden Rocks were some of the highlights of the trip.

Peru TourUp next: our return to Peru and Bolivia at the end of October. Still time to sign up for this adventure where we will see the megalithic cities of Cuzco, Sacsayhuaman, Ollantaytambo, Machu Picchu, Puma Punku and Tiwanaku and more. This is a trip with Megalithomania’s Hugh Newman and Peru WEX Manager Brien Foerster from October 30 to November 8. Check out our event pages for the full itinerary.

Also, I will be at a book signing at the Adventures Unlimited Bookstore in Old Town, Cottonwood on Saturday, September 28. Local authors Gary David and Chris O’Brien will be there as well. Join us for an afternoon of interesting conversation!

I will be speaking at the  Edgar Cayce-A.R.E. Ancient Mysteries Conference in Virginia Beach from October 10-13, so check their website for more information. Also coming up is a trip to Peru with Megalithomania’s Hugh Newman and Peru WEX Manager Brien Foerster from October 30 to November 8. Check out our event pages for the full itinerary.

Also, Hugh and I, along with geologist/author Robert Schoch and author Micah Hanks will be part of the Ancient Aliens Cruise departing from Fort Lauderdale to Cozumel in the Yucatan Peninsula on January 9, returning to Fort Lauderdale on January 13, 2013. We are on a ship called the Liberty of the Seas and will visit the breathtaking Mayan ruins of Tulum, set dramatically on cliffs above the Caribbean. Check out the website for further details.

A new season of the popular History Channel show Ancient Aliens is now scheduled and in production. Between trips and working on the magazine, I will be shooting some episodes for the sixth season of the show. Rock on! You can buy the Ancient Aliens DVD sets from Adventures Unlimited Press.

The Castle SangraelWe had a great roadtrip to Canada during the summer: we were in Toronto with UFO researcher Richard Dolan and George Noory, host of Coast to Coast radio at the Conspiracy Culture Convention on June 29. We stopped in Michigan and also visited WEX Canadian Manager Jim Honey and his wife Jill in St. Catherines, Ontario, for a few days. Jim continues to run his Sangrael bookshop-café-curio store in Elora. The address is 137 Metcalf Street, Elora, Ontario. The phone is 519-846-2999. See their new web pages at: www.wexclub.ca We also visited artists Ladislav and Jana Hanka, who are responsible for several murals and sculptures at our buildings in Kempton at their Kalamazoo, Michigan, studios. It was a great trip!

Ancient Technology In Peru & BoliviaIn early March I was a speaker at the International UFO Congress held in Phoenix and enjoyed giving a presentation to a packed house and a standing ovation. Much of the material was from my latest book Ancient Technology in Peru and Bolivia. It’s a 368-page book packed with tons of photos and information and includes a 16-page color section. Plenty of interesting material on megalith building at the places visited by the World Explorers Club group in February. Get your copy today!

As noted above, we are still active at the Adventures Unlimited bookstore in Cottonwood, Arizona. Keep checking our webpages and drop in at 1020 N. Main Street when you are in the Sedona-Cottonwood-Jerome area. Give them a call at: 928-639-1664. Sorry, they are closed on Sundays. Check out the new website at: www.adventuresunlimitedbooks.com

We are still contemplating WEX trips to Tibet and Mount Kailash plus a yeti expedition—perhaps in late Spring 2014. Keep checking the webpages, or book a trip there with Adventure Pilgrims Trekking in Kathmandu. You could experience the mysterious temples of Kathmandu and the majestic heights of the high Himal. Govinda, at the WEX Club offices in the tourist-friendly Thamel neighborhood, can help plan every aspect of your visit. Check out the latest adventure travel news and expeditions offered by Adventure Pilgrims Trekking at www.trekinepal.com or give them a call at: 977-975-107-7190. Get our popular WEX Kathmandu T-shirt from the Wexmart pages.

The Frontier Bookshop in Amsterdam is near Anne Frank’s House, located on a canal just north of the Westerkirk. It is located in the trendy Jordaan neighborhood, full of popular cafes and one-of-a-kind shops selling unique merchandise and art. The address is Leliegracht 42, 1015 DH Amsterdam. Tel: (+34) 020-3309151. Visit the website at:  www.frontierbookshop.nl

With real estate prices starting to rise, time is of the essence for the World Explorers Club to establish clubhouses around the country. Is there a WEX clubhouse to be acquired in your town in the near future? Be sure to contact us with any ideas about starting a retail outlet or clubhouse!

Also, send in your classified ad; remember up to 25 words are free for WEX members. We are always looking for stories or news clippings, so send those in, too! I recently got my own web domain and you can check it out here: www.DavidHatcherChildress.com.

So, between glasses of homemade cider, kick back in your easy chair with the new issue of World Explorer!

David Hatcher Childress, Founder, World Explorer